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Winter is a season of remembrance.  A season of wistful glances into the future, rooted in the geography of things past.

I have been drawn to things past for as long as I can remember. Photographs, recipes, pottery, rocks and stones smoothed and worn by the crash of waves and the passage of time. Things that you can come back to again and again, knowing that they were once part of the daily rituals and observances of those who may (or may not) have been just like us. Who, at the very least, shared the same place on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite the extraordinary length of our Newfoundland winter this year, it remains my favourite season, intellectually if not practically, and after several non-wintery winters on Vancouver Island, I was sad to see its stark beauty come to a close.

So I’ve been ruminating on discontinuity lately. Disconnection, disjuncture, fault lines.          

fault line
noun Geology.
the intersection of a fault with the surface of the earth or other plane of reference.
1. a defect or imperfection
2. responsibility for failure or a wrongful act
3. Sports. a) a ball that when served does not land in the proper section of an opponent’s court b) a failure to serve the ball according to the rules
4. Geology. a break in the continuity of a body of rock or of a vein, with dislocation along the plane of the fracture 
Winter  …
Warm knits and glimpses of the not so distant past.
Cold hands and missed deadlines.
Maple syrup and melted butter.
Failure to serve the ball according to the rules.
Break in continuity.
Dislocation …
Summer …
Mala beads and glimpses of the not so distant future.
Hand-written notes and submitted drafts.
Iced coffee and (more) iced coffee.  
Embraced imperfection(s).
Serving the ball according to (some) of the rules …
Continuity resumed.
Dislocation dislocated.